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<a href="" target="_blank"><span class="titre">Intoxygene :: music by artists -&gt; 4 U</span> <span class="redac"><font color="ffffff">as a independent record label based in France. Home of The Young Gods, Virtuart, Peeping Tom and many others. Specialized in electronica and human feeling.<br> Intoxygene est un record label bas&eacute; en France. Sp&eacute;cialis&eacute; en prod electro-rock et &quot;human feeling&quot;. Avec un catalogue vari&eacute;, cibl&eacute; en exclu dans la qualit&eacute;, des Young Gods, Y Front, Love Motel &agrave; la Missa Furiosa techno et sublime de Thierry Zaboitzeff.<br> rock, electro, techno, label, trip hop, electronica, ambient, drum &amp; bass, alternatif, metal</font></span></a>


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